Needs Thunderbird support

I had to export all my addresses from Thunderbird and then import them into Outlook - this is the first time I have used Outlook in over 10 years - I hope I dont get infected now that I have an active profile in Outlook.

AntiSpam also needs to support the FILTERS as well as the ADDRESS BOOKS - not everything is in the ADDRESS BOOK - the FILTERS are important too.

Does this mean that you have got it working with Thunderbird? I’ve submitted a support ticket as there is no way that CAS intercepts a single email… (:AGY) using Thunderbird 2.0a1…

Thunderbird has built in spam detector and nails them right down.

If Thunderbird’s spamchecker/junkfilter would do such a great job I would not be looking for something that will really help me…go to to Mozilla’s TB forum and read what others have to say about TB’s junk/spamfilter…

I agree, thunderbird definitely needs a helping hand in spam detection, and I’ve been a Thunderbird “advocate” for a LONG time.

So basically: Comodo: Please spend some time adding Mozilla Thunderbird to your list of supported applications, and while you’re at it: POP3 may have been the standard for “personal mail” some years ago. Today it’s IMAP4 for enlightened users. Most thunderbird users will use imap4 if their mail-provider allows it (most serious mail-providers does).


would be great if this could support thunderbird, been using it for years, it’s great :slight_smile:

I agree.
Thunderbird is one of the best e-mail program,
so if you want Comodo anti-spam to be in the top of anti-spam programs you must have Thunderbird included.

I’ve have recently installed CAS and it seems to work fine with Thunderbird as far as I can tell so far. As for the poster above who exported his Thunderbird address books into Outlook Express in order to get them into CAS - all I did was export my Thunderbird addresses inn LDIF format and then imported that into the standard Windows Address Book. Not as convenient as directly importing to CAS I agree - but if you are really that concerned about starting OE for a couple of minutes then it may save you a sleepless night …

My Thunderbird is doing its job but CAS isnt doing anything.

I get a return e-mail when I auto-sync but that is it.

I set it up to block all emails from “” and emailed myself from my yahoo account and it came right on through.

It hasn’t sent any anti-spam alert messages to anyone.

It hasn’t quaranteened anything.

Im still trying to make it work.

Maybe you just need to enable it …?

Works like a dream with version 2 beta 20 20070116. It won’t import the address books but it intercepts spam and nails it dead. I have 4 email IDs set up within Thunderbird and it all works fine. I didn’t do anything ‘special’. Just set up the email accounts within anti-spam and off it goes. Maybe something else on your system is interacting in an unexpected way?

needs proper thunderbird support with importing of addressbooks and iimap

 Thunderbird will be supported in the coming CAS 2.5, which i got one still under internal test. CAS2.5 also supports import CSV address book which format is supported by most of mail clients when exporting their address book. That's helpful when you need import thunderbird's contacts.