Needs Teamspeak issue resolved !!!

As per my post in response to Julie’s post:

In reply to Julie’s post:

You are not the only one Julie, I’ve had nightmares with Comodo and Teamspeak. The Comodo techs need to test their firewall with Teamspeak.

I’d set a rule, out of desperation, to give full access to Teamspeak, checked all logs I could find in this bloody firewall, and nothing suggesting Teamspeak being blocked, nor port 8767 (teamspeak default).

Some Teamspeak servers I had configured, were running on ports other than the default 8767… those I could connect to no probs, but any server running on 8767 I couldn’t connect to (and nothing to be found blocked in the logs). I then updated the Web Server List tab to get a listing of 1000’s of Teamspeak servers, and tried connecting to a dozen or so TS servers running off port 8767, and was unable to connect to any of them. When I tried doing the same thing with servers running off any other port than 8767, I connected to every one.

This problem was intermittent, sometimes TS would work normally, and sometimes I would experienced problems as described above.

I uninstalled Comodo and was running TS without incident for a month, then decided to try re-installing Comodo. My TS problems are back! Can’t find servers, as if they don’t exist (well, the ones on port 8767 anyway).

If TS is a necessary tool for you, DO NOT INSALL COMODO until such time as the Comodo techs have posted a resolution to this issue on the forum here, or in their FAQ, or have put out a new version that addresses the TS glitch.

Good luck all you TS users, let’s hope Comodo will look into this mess.