Need your votes on CNET poll. thank you.

Here is a poll about which free AV is your favorite.
pls vote for Comodo.

thank you


Comodo always! :-TU

Thanks Melih

we need your upport to get the bugs fixed in CIS.
I have reported on email problems with CIS that have been there since v3 as well as alot of the issues people have reported that keep going version to version.
thanks for your hopeful support

Voted for Comodo! (:NRD)

Voted. :-TU

Yeah 88) CIS 23%

Voted… :wink:

We’re not that far behind so it should be interesting to see how this one turns out. :-TU

I didn’t see you already made one mehli. Sorry.

keep going guys! we have an amazing user base who care for Comodo and will show their appreciation by voting for us! thank you! thank you! thank you!


voted comodo.


+2 :smiley:

tho i’m not using v5…i’ll do what i can to support comodo

Make a new thread if you wish to have help.

Valentin N

i did …and EricJH moved it ;D

no big deal…still able to solved it on my own, thanks.


+4 >:-D

Voted ;D

amazing support you guys!!! pls keep it coming…next 2 days to go for this vote!


Comodo always

Dont forget this poll also, CIS is falling behind… you can vote once a day…

So far, so good…


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Voted… :rocks: :110: