Need your old email accounts to help fight spam

Hi Guys

We want to use your old unused email accounts that still receive spam as our new spam traps.

can you pls help us by giving us those accounts so that we can help catch more spam.


I only have 2 email accounts, I use them both.
I’m sorry, Melih.

What would you need? Only the email address or the access to? :embarassed:

same with me

it has to be unused accounts
we would need access to it (change the pw to something different than what you use) and send us the details pls.



Wouldn’t it be sufficient to forward any spam to you? Why is there a need for access? Even old e-mail accounts that are getting targeted by spam usually contain personal information and may get such e-mails in the future. I’ve had quite a few e-mail accounts, some which get spam, or at least used to, but I’m not okay with giving up access to them, I could however accept forwarding any spam e-mails I get.

Yes, this is what I think about the “access” issue

If you just forward, we have only the content. if we have the account, we can also see “connections” details.

What about a submission service where you submit the source/full headers of the e-mails? (like spamcop) Honestly I think you’ll find it difficult convincing people to give up their old e-mail accounts, even if they are unused. I actually can’t give you access to my old accounts, can’t even remember the passwords…

What if instead giving access, and in order to provide COMODO (a trustable company) with SPAM in order to improve detections, what if we configure our accounts with MAILBOX REDIRECTION? That way, users don’t have to provide login details and can suspend temporarily or definitely the redirection whenever the users find suitable.

Is that a possibility? Will COMODO get the “connections” details?

Alternatively, it could be a brand new account you have setup that you are not going to use.
You can give it to us. You can also put the email address for that account in one or two public places so that spam crawlers will pick it up :wink:


Ok, I’ll think about it.
More informations about this…please :slight_smile:

Is that a “yes” or “no” for the Mailbox Redirection?