Need your feedback on pls

Can you please provide your feedback on this innovative product.

thank you!

Hi Melih,
I registered. Got both apps: tc & ca.
Can log in from both.
But I am getting “Invalid session data request. Please try to reconnect.” message in client application window after sending invitation code generated by technician’s console.
Running both ca & tc on the same physical machine Win7 Ultimate x64 with cis 5.12.x.
This error prevents for interactive session between tc and ca.
Will this service be available in different languages versions, or only English?
Also, what is client trial activation code? How long is it valid?

Here are my problems so far- On the day of release, I couldn’t make an account because of a ‘server error’
Secondly, Comodo IS 6.3 does not know what the installer is and a BB popup asking for unlimited access. (Shouldn’t Comodo trust its own software?)
Thirdly, I cannot even install the software. I get this error- This installation package could not be Opened.
I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit UAC Off. Also there is no Comodo logs saying its being blocked?

It seems like a great idea, just a few things because it is new, need to be worked out.
Can’t wait to properly try it out!