Need Video for CIS (Max Security, Zero Alerts) we can put on ComodoVision!

Hi Guys

I think, until CIS version 4 is released, this configuration really does work well for users who simply:

  • Have a Clean PC and want to keep that PC Clean.
  • To prevent any other malware automatically from coming in.
  • To have current applications on the PC run with Zero Alerts, While blocking any others with zero alerts.
  • To install/uninstall software, off course we can use the install/update configuration.

I understand Jeremy made a video. But I ask if some one here would be willing to do a video, with also audio, them explaining how to make this configuration, How to use the second configuration to install/uninstall new software, And what is the purpose of this configuration. Then, Comodo can put this video on the website under “ComodoCommunity” and in the description have a direct link to the forum link.

I have notified Melih of this.

Thanks guys!