Need verify: explorer.exe is prone to custom rule in under W10 CU

explorer.exe it seems to be prone to custom blocking rule in under W10 CU; I had it set in previous configuration under Windows 10 AU few hours ago but under CU it seems like firewall ignores it totally - I can see live tiles being active, which should not happen when explorer.exe is being blocked

Explorer is not being visible in both network connections monitor and network intrusions log and it should be, either with rule set or not

Are you saying you created a firewall block rule for explorer to prevent live tiles updating? Can you be more specific on the issue you’re having? I’m pretty sure live tiles are done through a broker process and not explorer but I’ll check later.

No, I did simply created the rule to prevent explorer.exe from gaining access outside (and yes, I am aware what this may lead to) - the fact that tiles are blocked when explorer is being blocked is just the outcome and somehow a way to see if executable IS really blocked.

Seems that this can’t be handled because svchost.exe is the parent process of explorer.exe with not blocked access to the Internet - still, this is weird considering that Comodo Firewall under W10 AU I had few hours before had no problems blocking explorer.exe