need variables help

Is there a variable is expressed as all in ‘my trusted sofeware vendors’ program? Example:‘%windir%’ mean ‘c:\windows’,Whether there is ‘%trusted%’ express ‘all in my trusted sofeware vendors program’? ;D

LOLOLOL. ;D O0 There is no such thing as %trusted% wild card.

However you can make digitally signatures of software makers part of the “My Trusted Software Vendors” list. THis way all files signed by that software vendor will be trusted. The list can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks.

but .i want explorer.exe can only start the program in "mytrustedsoftwarevendor’ list. and can’t start no-in-list’s software .and no prompt。so ,how do i set up.

You are apparently using Proactive Security. There CIS will notify when explorer starts another program. You wil have to answer for each program. There is no way of automating blocking a group. You will have to manually block explorer starting other programs.

Thank you for answer :slight_smile: i understand。
I hope comodo will be able to add some options inside each the security level for choice. This can provide more self choice,more self level。 will be more intelligent. . . . .
For example:
Safe Mode :
computer security policy is applied
every action of the safe executable files are ‘learnt’(options: block ,allow ,alerted…)
every action of the unknown are "alerted’(options: block ,allow ,alerted…)

Maybe I should send to Firewall Wishlist boards…

thanks again.