Need to verify potential false positive ASAP

As the topic says. The file has been already submitted through CIS Pro.

Object: TrojWare.Win32.AutoIT.CHR[at]334889256
Location: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\Quarantine.exe


Thanks for reporting.
Could you please submit the detected file at
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If possible please post your FP submissions as SHA1 lists or VirusTotal Links


Done. I posted the VT link in the comment, but I’ll add it here.

Please, it’s important that I resolve this issue quickly because I have a university test tomorrow.

It won’t most likely be that quick.

If you are facing the problem where CIS is automatically quarantining the file the it’s best to disable Do not show antivirus alerts and Do not show pop up alerts. That will give you the control to tell CIS to ignore it.

Right. The file has been quarantined, but more than anything I want to make sure it’s just a FP caused by a database update and not an actual infection, so I can resume working without worries.

Do you trust the download source of the installer you downloaded? Then it is very very likely a false positive. If the installer is digitally signed and the digital signature is OK then it has not been changed and when trusting the source it is very very likely a false positive. With the installer of what program does this file come?

A quick way of getting an idea is to upload it to Virus Total. If only a couple of scanners flag it it most likely not malicious.

Rather than an installer, I think it was created as a temporary file by AdwCleaner. And VT shows it as flagged by six scanners in total, as the link above shows.
Other than that, I can only say CIS Pro detected it while I was running a MBAM scan.
But I still thought it was odd it was detected all of a sudden, which is why I preferred to submit it for analysis to make sure.

Hello CinderBH,

This FP has been fixed with DB v21233.

Best regards,

Thank you. I confirm that the FP has been fixed.