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Let’s not beat around the bush. I spent all last night coding this crypter.

-GUI for Runtime Encryption
-No dependencies. None. .NET, PE32, everything should work.
-AES256 Encryption on top of Binary to ASCI Encryption with random Var names and several other simple file-format conversions on top of a runtime encryption engine that is partnered with AV comapnies to never be detected, but I edited their code so that I can use it to crypt.
-Will remain updated and FUD. If it even becomes 1/42, I will update.
-Works with any server and any settings.
-Is a Scantime AND Runtime crypter.

-How does this new method work?
Read this thread -
Please note, the actual executable “calc.exe” is never even shown.

Find an icon for your server and name it Icon.ico and place it in the same directory as the exe.
Download and Run the crypter. It will walk you through the rest.
Please note: You must have a valid Icon.ico in the working directory.


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Your welcome Comodo, I hope you stop this guy!