Need to roll back to CIS 10 due to problems with WSL after upgrade to CIS 11

I was trying to get Docker to work on Windows. During the process I had to uninstall Comodo (version from July 2018 which was working perfectly) and I did not make a system restore.
When I wanted to install Comodo again I was forced to update to version 11. From that moment WSL is unable to access internet.
I have tried everything with Comodo 11 and I need to go back to Comodo 10 (2018.07). Does anyone please have the offline installer? Thanks

Here’s the Uninstaller:

CIS versions here: Download Comodo Internet Security for Windows -

Thanks but that’s the online installer that only installs the latest version (comodo 11). already tried.
There is no where to find Comodo on the internet right now.
I saved a Comodo 10 offline installer, but it’s rather old and it has problems with WSL that v10.2.0.6526 did not have