Need to reset Predefined Policies rules in D+

v5.10 btw, on XP Pro SP3

I was in there like an idiot changing the rules around to make them more restrictive, like I’d done with my predefined FW rules (successfully, in that case). Like I hardened my Web Browser rules and whatnot. But it wasn’t until after changing the D+ ones that I realized a lot of essential Windows components/processes/etc… were tied into them. Like svchost. And now I wish I’d just left them alone.

The 4 things are: 1) Trusted Application, 2) Windows System Application, 3) Isolated Application, 4) Limited Application.

I remember removing some Temp File/Folder rules from one of them. One of those boxes with the blue strip across the top and an “*” to the right of it from something else. I thought they were just base rule sets you could modify & use at your own leisure… not that they were already in use.

So basically now I just want it all to go back to the way it was to begin with. I wish there were simply an option to reset it back to default. I don’t want to have to redo my entire D+ settings either btw, as I’ve made a ton of rules, each app fine tuned. So could somebody provide me some screenies of how these rules come stock? Or just tell me, or direct me to where I could see it?