Need to make change some security settings

Recently I allowed some of the applications to access internet. I choose "remember my answer"as it was getting quite boring to click allow everytime :wink: . But now I don’t want that application to access the net, but can’t find where I can undo my settings ???. Please help

Please check the rules created for this application in Network Security Policy and there you can undo the settings (you can delete them and when you run again the applications pay attention to the alerts.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I don’t see the application’s name there. But Now it does not ask for my permission to access internet. :cry:

Do you use the latest version of CIS?
Cam you check please if this application is not listed in “My own safe files”?

Yes sir, it solved half of my problem :D. Is there a way to see which ports are open , by which application and can I block them.

Check “View active connections” and there you can see what ports are opens for each application.