Need to include more info in your FAQ's section

First, your customer service line sounds like I have a bad connection to China!!
Second, I called twice and got a recording to leave a message, does anyone work there in customer service?
Third, I purchase your faxing service but its annoying not being able to speak with a human without a call back
Four, You make no mention concerning why a fax goes to Que or how to get it to be sent.
Five, I have caller ID on my phone but when someone fax’s something too me you provide NO way to retrive the phone number that sent the fax too me. Why is this? I have to end up calling the person/company who sent me a fax to reply to their requests.


Trustfax has on online tracking that shows the status of a faxes being sent. the tracking can be view online in your account under Tracking.
Here are the different statuses and definitions for sent faxes:
Converting - document is being converted to a fax format
Queued - the fax has been queued and is being transmitted
Success - the fax was sent and received successfully
Max Attempts - Trustfax tried mulitple times to send the fax and it was not successfully due to the line being busy, a human answered the line and not a fax machine or the receiving fax would not accept the fax
Fax Error - the fax was not able to be sent because of an error. The specific error can be viewed by clicking on the fax error link.
Trustfax can also be configured to send an email with every fax sent to displays the final tracking status of a fax transmission. You can turn on the email notification for sent faxes in your account under Account info - preferences.

Caller ID is not available with incoming faxes at this time.