Need to have ability to easy Copy remote IP by RightClick menu on Connections..

a. On View Active Connections screen and
b. on View Firewall Events screen also.

It is no matter copy only remote IP or copy all connection details.

I very much agree! (B)

right now the only way to do this is via export to html in the firewall events log :frowning:

in active connections, the right click menu shows: “show full path” and “terminate connection”, a simple copy IP to clipboard would be appreciated :slight_smile:

+1 I agree! copy function must be integrated soon… I hope…

I agree with what was suggested… A COPY command.
I perturbed with the limitations in what is offered as far as the 2 choices
“show full path” and “terminate connection”
I’m looking for a little more info before I say “terminate” …
I would like some more information or options in the right click menu.

I’m sure there are a few others

In same subject, i need an easy way To block Remote IP unwanted when you get port-scanned for example and you didn’t expect that.

When i’ve got port-scanned by a strange IP on the Internet, Comodo ask me to block the request or Allow.
This Strange IP tried to scan TCP 137.
I have noticed there is no Way to block that Remote IP for a while.
Because TCP 137 is handled by svchost.exe, i’m afraid to select “Always block” in the strategy to avoid the popup again, i’ve got a lan and i’m afraid if i’m doing that i will loose my LAN connection.

A few moment later, the same IP tried to scan FTP-SSL port…
And again later… the same IP tried to scan etc…

That’s why i need an easy solution.

Agreed. When viewing active connections, I expect (from other firewall products) that a right-click will let me add it to my blocked list, and also lookup the IP’s DNS, but CIS does neither.

In general, while CIS seems to have strong functionality, it is weak in usability and even weaker in management capabilities.

How about a right-click menu like this?

[attachment deleted by admin]

How about a right-click menu like this?

Yes, that would do it! Soon? Real Soon?

Please ALSO allow right click - copy IP Address from FIREWALL ALERT SCREEN !!!


Similar request in GUI Wishlist.