Need to disable Windows Defender

Just installed Comodo suite. I noticed that Windows Defender, both firewall and antivirus, were not disabled.
I looked in this forum and found many related topics but no one, imho, really clarifies on this.
Definitely, i would like to know if i have to manually disable Windows Defender Firewall and Antivirus. I don’t think it is fine to keep bot active so causing cpu overload and/or possibile conflicts with two different protection suites.

you don’t need to disable WFirewall, but you can disable WDefender
follow these steps

then disable

I recommend disabling with registry keys that’s ease to use


Appreciate your reply but i still have doubts.
Generally speaking, it would not be a good idea to keep active two concurrent antivirus/firewall systems for at least two main reasons: cpu/memory wasting and possible confilcts (the same event/obiect could be treated good by a protection system and bad by the other).
Past years, old Comodo releases did disable by default Windows firewall/defender upon first installation and Comodo was then seen in Windows security panels as the ‘new’ firewall/antivirus system (the only problem was that after Windows update, if Defender had to get changed then it had to be authomatically re-enabled: inthat case Comodo did not de-activate it anymore…).
Today, i see new release does not disable Defender; in addition, Windows shows Comodo active but it is not clear the status. For sure , Defender (firewall and antivirus) are both active.
My post was not actually intended to understand how to disable Tamper. The question is: why Comodo does not disable Windows protection system ?
Keepint both active is wasting cpu and memory, leads to possible conflicts and finally does not really ensure which of the two systems is doing the better job ! I mean, who is best; Windows or Comodo ? If Comdo is doing good, why maintain Windows Defender active ? Honestly i don’t understand…

Its been said many times, comodo does not turn off windows firewall starting with Windows 8. You must disable it yourself, as for defender av, Windows is responsible for disabling when it detects a 3rd part AV is installed and active. In some cases, Windows does not see CIS as active and thus CIS loses integration status with windows defender security center.