Need to Add HIGHLIGHT & COPY TEXT from the Netwk Monitor; INFO Granted Question

Hi again,
Already posted some questions & suggestions elsewhere, but have more comments:

Just checked LOGS and found some green INFO sections that indicate some kind of INFO REQUEST ACCESS GRANTED on our network.

This is all very new to us, and ports involved are 137 and 138. (nbname & nbdgram)
Is this anything to be concerned about?
What “INFO” is being sought, and by whom?

Thanks in adv. for any clarification.

Also, it would help if future versions of this Firewall allow for highlighting and copying & pasting text, from one place to another. If that had been possible, we could have pasted the exact syntax of the Information from the Netwk Monitor into this post, but when we click on DETAILS, there is nothing that happens to enable mouse to highlight & copy & paste the text.

Hello Donkymurk.

nbname - NetBios Name Service. Is used to, among other things, register computer names on NetBios (Microsoft) networks.

nbdgram - NetBios Datagram Service. Is for Datagram message transport, once again on NetBios networks.

If you are on a LAN then you will probably be seeing these kinds of alerts as a matter of course, although it would be helpful if you could provide a few more details of the alerts you are seeing, so that we may better understand the situation.