Need support for Comodo Dragon webbrowser

The latest version of Comodo Dragon webbrowser version 72.0.3626.81 ( 64bit ) seems to be bugged, it doesnt remember my choice to make it the default browser when I click on the button inside CD that says" Make CD my default browser". Each time when I fully close CD and open it again it keeps asking me if I want to make it the default browser. This problem was not in the previous version.

Also when I open Win7 startmenu —> Default programs ( Choose default programs that windows uses by default ), I notice that CD is not even included in the list of browsers that can be selected as a default webbrowser.

I have tried to repair the CD installation and reboot windows but this issue of CD not remembering my choice to make it default browser still exists.

I see Chromodo is in the list. Is it still installed? Can you see what happens if you choose to set Chromodo as your default browser?

Hi Denta765!

Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately, Chromodo is discontinued and it causes conflicts with Comodo Dragon. Can you please uninstall Chromodo, download a fresh copy of Dragon from our forums and install Dragon?

The Comodo Browsers Team

I have managed to resolve this issue by doing a complete uninstall and then doing a clean install of CD.

Its annoying that this isnt fixed by a repair from Win7 -->Programs and features → Uninstall or change a program thats already installed, please fix this in one of the next patches.