Need sound (alert.wav) can be costumized.

sound (alert.wav) can be change to user needed…
when i change that file, comodo program updates always show update available and change the file to default.

this sound is similar to some windows 7 theme sound, skype, etc…
it confused, because when use one of windows sound scheme, it sound like windows release the usb connection, for example.

There has been several similar wishes made for the sound, I do strongly agree that it should be customizabel, I am sure you could make your own. I also suggest youo add a poll.

Consider it done… Thanks.

You can vote yourself. I voted yes.

Yes :-TU

thanks to all voter :-TU

Having a colored border around sandboxed programs would be useful.

Both need :slight_smile:

+1 +1 +1 :-TU :-TU (:CLP)

I changed the sound (very striking, I’m scared every time an alert occurs. lol, Not good at all for people with cardiac conditions or anxiety problems.) when alerts from CIS Behavior Blocker. However, CIS always offers an update (security forces, I guess).
Is there a trick to report to CIS the security suite is up to date, although the “alert.wav” sound is different from the default, until the ability to customize it to be integrated?
Thank you for your answers.

Hi and welcome to our community :slight_smile:
Unfortunately no, I personally disable it for the same reason, man remind me of kaspersky (that pig sound), or avast 4 (that alarm, but what was funny always said to not panic, how in world to not panic with this type of alert :D)
The best thing is disable the sound alert, until comodo decide either to change it, or give us the ability to change it

Regards RealNature,

I voted Maybe because I like the default sound but I accept that others may want to customise it. I’m pro-choice! :slight_smile:

I agree we should be able to select our own sounds.

FYI, you can change the sound by replacing the file “alert.wav” in C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\sounds with a softer WAV file of your choice. Just name it “alert.wav”

BUT, I had to call T/S to find this out. It should easier to do this.

Users have been asking for this feature since 2009 and over 80% of the voters agree, so why isn’t it being considered?

ADDENDUM: I appears that Comodo changed my “alert.wav” file back to the original during an update.

Changing the “alert.wav” file, even if it’s into something called alert and using the .wav extension, will for me trigger a program update in CIS which will replace the file with the original alert sound, does it not do this for you?

Yep same here. This is why I disable sound alert ;D Not only it would generate a program update if I change the sound file, but man this sound is killing me, I only hope that devs listen to us and give us the option to replace that sound with the favorite one.

added a yes too poll.
the sound is something I like and want but the default has made me jump a few times :slight_smile: would be nice to be able to change it.
ps. CIS for ever!!!