Need some info regarding trojans

Yesterday I scanned and my antispyware detected a keylogger. Before I quarantined the file I looked at the file and it had a both a creation and modified date as 28/03/09. This is 3 months and it was only yesterday my antispyware detected it.

I was wondering if when a malware infects a file if you would always see a change in the modified date because in this case the file was not modified. Then again the file itself could have been the actual trojan. But how is it that it took 3 months for it to be detected???

Im not sure if the date would change, it may but malware trying to be stelthy may not change the date (most likely). Most likely that file was the trojan it self. It was not detected because it never tryed to load into memory or detection for it just came with the latest DB update.

Thanks for the reply. I too suspect that the file itself may be a malware as well I just needed a second opinion I guess.

Another question for anyone who can help. From time to time I find keyloggers on my pc after a scan exactly how do those keyloggers work? See I’m a bit confused because I was told they record key strokes but if that is so then wouldn’t it mean that every thing I type would be recorded?

I guess they would scan all you type.

This is not good news at all. ■■■■!