Need some help

Hi, i scanned my computer with one program (Perfect Defeneder 09) and it says that i’m infected by Dialer.Lox, (megalon something) ( Hacktool Deep.penetration (horsi.exe) Spyware.Cobraspy (socks32.exe)
Trojan.Zlob.G (reniga.dll) and Win32.Brontok (muha.exe). First time i did a scan (i’m not so good at computers)

The last one have caused alot problems with the internet… I got XP (SP3)

Now i’m wondering, how can i remove them?

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Did you quarantine/delete the files that Perfect Defender 9 detected? If so, run another scan and see what it detects. Then take a look at this thread.

Im not sure but multiple websites say that Perfect Defeneder 09 is a fake AV and it looks like one also.

lol at the usage of the Comodo Firewall Icon.
If it looks like this its FAKE: (with out the bleeping computer watermark)

Funny it seems that im getting so used to rogues that the name said enough for me. The moment i heard it the alarm bells went off.

So yes please follow my guide, these programs should be capable of dealing with the rogue

best regards and good luck cleaning

Uggg…I got tricked again. >:( I guess I can’t assume someone is using a legit AV.