Need some help opening specific ports


i was using comodo’s standalone firewall previously and when i u/g’d to the full cis suite i copied my global rules across, but the firewall doesnt seem to opening the required ports now…i have created a specific port set for the application im using, and then applied this in global rules, trying both two options (one TCP incoming, and one UDP incoming to port x), and also one combined rule (allow TCP/UDP in to port set [my specific application]) but neither seems to work…when i disable the firewall, the application runs perfectly, so i know it is a firewall setting that needs to be fixed

can anyone help with this?

Same issue here.

Well, actually my first “sighting” of this issue goes back to '08; here is a link to a very similar thread in a “Read-Only” board, Comodo just keeps the archive available for reference (because Firewall 3.x is now a discontinued product) →

I’ve also approached the user (scherzo100) to learn if he/she has had new experiences solving the issue. Because, as far as I know (afaIk) this situation remains unsolved. If you would care to see what I’m struggling with I’ve described it here →

What is the correct approach to guarantee that a port opening actually renders the port at hand (in my case it’s Retrospect “piton” or TCP/UDP # 497, but it could just as well be any other) open, please?

BTW: Upon writing this reply I got an alert stating “Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days. Unless you’re sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.” I find this a bit disappointing. Shouldn’t it be the CONTENT that decides the relevance of an issue, not merely the FRESHNESS? If you should agree with me on this I would suggest you refrain from such warnings, Comodo - the way I see it they contribute to confuse …by scattering related material across different threads.

Welcome to the forum Andre_T :slight_smile:

The reason you have a warning like this is, so much changes in 3 months rules that work in one version of CIS do not necessarily work in the latest version, and may cause serious problems.

Please do not post in topics which are over 1 year old.

Thank you