Need some help in firewall configuration

Hi folks yesterday I started to use CIS and i really liked it i am using with antivirus iit makes my system runs very stable and fast (B). But now i need some help configurating firewall , I use p2p with emule , Utorrent and FrostWire and sometimes i make a counter strike dedicated server in my machine. With defaults settings i get low id in emule and problems with Utorrent ( already make the aplications trusted , dont know if it is the right thing to do) . I fell a bit lost configurating comodo firewall to get the maximum of it.

Sorry if this question was dumb or something like that but alone i cant configurate :cry: (already searched in the forum but couldnt find anything relevant)

Try the FAQ section of the Firewall forum: .

Thank you i will try ;D

Following tutoriais i got high id in emule and no problems with Utorrent but i have to change stealth ports wizard to this configuration " Alert me to incoming connections- stealth my ports on a per-case basis". Now the problem is that not all ports are steathed , Shields Up detected 2 ports closed and the rest perfected stealthed but with windows firewall i get perfect stealth :-X . So what i have to do now? And can i simple make emule and another aplications trusted to get total conection speed?

Nobody else?