Need some genuine Vista x64 system files

I scanned my PC today with Avira and it reported some modified system files
Can anyone help me by sending me the genuine system file?
I know it’s risky to ask in public since some people might even send me worse but still

These are the files




I have a Vista CD but they are SP1 and now that I’m using SP2 I don’t know whether I can fix these files with repair from CD option.

In good faith

Hi Michael,

There is not much info about what kind of modifications Avira is reporting.

Despite the “reporting”, files may still be genuine

I think that Avira users may help if you can provide more details.

But before “going public” for system files, have you tried running System File Checker (SFC) ?

That could answer some questions

My regards

p.s. What about visiting Avira’s forum and posting there precisely what those findings are?

Hmm I already reinstalled everything the system was quie slow defense+ was working slow.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reply.

I hope that now it’s working better or rather as it suppose to,

…but if you reinstalled the system over – that is not always the right decision, if you did not find out the cause of that slowdown.

Have Avira chilled out re: those changed files?


Yea Avira is now no longer reporting them as malware

Cool! :-TU