Need some advice

Long story short(lol),had to reimage laptop using factory image due to OS corruption,wich was a result of a failed in-place upgrade of cis v8.x to v10.x(WARNING:don’t run ibm trusteer and cis on the same machine!!!),so i lost my config and activation. :o
After grabbing the wrong installer(cis,seeing as my licence is AV only,it failed to activate and i reached out to comodo support,they quickly pointed out my error(…duh!:embarassed:,my excuse?,i was very tired!),in that i was trying to activate the whole package,not just the AV,they had me install Geekbuddy and pretty much solved the problem as far as activation was concerned,the comodo support tech downgraded my installation to Comodo AV adv. 10 and succesfully activated it…yay!.

The problem:i now have AV+HIPS+sandbox etc. but no FW!!!,the comodo tech ofc tried to get me to upgrade to full package,but seeing as this licence is valid untill 04-11-2017,i’ll hold of upgrading to full package untill that date(don’t need licence hassle :),he also used some sort of uni key to activate not my original key.

The question:how do i get FW back without losing activation?

Thx for any suggestions in advance :slight_smile:

Highest regards M3T4SP01LT


Try using this guide

Thx for responding,i was already thinking along those lines,but after reading that part of the user guide and some other info,i’m still not really sure if i can just go ahead and install the FW on top of what i have installed right now,and if this will interfere with the current activation status,but i’ll just do a system backup,and give it a try,again thx a bundle for responding,this thread can be closed.

Highest regards M3T4SP01LT