Need some advice from an expert

I am simply not brave enough or really savvy enough to put a beta product like CAVS on my machine. Not to mention, I have NOD32 running and am a while to go on my license. So for now, I am going to keep NOD32, Comodo, and Spysweeper.

However, I want to run a HIPS program that will monitor my processes and executeable files. I was running On-line Armor and loved it. But found that when combined with Comodo Firewall, it slowed my system too much. Again, I am not ready to install CAVS just yet. So I need to find a HIPS program that plays nice with Comodo. I am cionsidering the free versions of the following:

  1. Anti-hook
  2. System Safety Monitor
  3. Process Guard

I need a program that is:

  1. User friendly for non computer savvy people like myself
  2. That won’t conflict with the Comodo Firewall