need setup for gaming mode

hyy u ask me bout port

well nitto legend i play say in port 80

becuz some probs of lagging

i try use free firewall ashampoo n i mix with spyware terminator+clam av

games run gud not lot lag

probs is

ashampoo firewall cant hold malware

now i setup again comodo firewall only n spyware terminator+clam av

n see wat happen next after i install comodo de scaner find a malware hidden (dat things must be enter my ashamppo firewall)

comparing comodo firewall n ashampoo

i think my dual core worx lighter with ashampoo but not much secure
(maybe becuz i use free type not pro hahaha LOL)

comparing av comodo n spyware terminator+clam av

well da scanner is faster than av comodo

becuz im tired updating n updating n somehow data base still doesnt recognize dat robotwareviruz

da main probs in this bisnis AV i think how can be secure when each company doesnt share his database

each company have 2 collect database by itself

n of course da maker or viruz n spyware doin to on dat bussiness

u like spying ppl

well find stealth spy or something becuz yes they sell dat spy software when u needed 2 peeping ppl

maybe they goin 2 make spy free use n spy pro (purchase when u like it 2 peeping )hahaha ■■■■■■

i dont have any idea why ppl spying civil user computer n collecting data from them???

wat im worried is bout while im chating on mirc i meet a robot software who say it learn 2 act behaviour human who it meet n copying it huahahaha ■■■■■■ somekinda alien databasing report