need ruleset/DNS and also is there a tutorial/window's DLLs/component monitor

I need a rule-set (udp out/in) for dns thru a router/firewall. the router firewall sets the dns servers and it’s set manually (say X.X.X.X primary) and (Y.Y.Y.Y for secondary), using DHCP other than the manual DNS. Also, I’ve also got a ton windows DLLs in the component monitor all set to allow (component monitor on). Is there some kind of tutorial on what window’s XP DLLs actually need internet access and which one’s don’t. The component monitor is confusing, to say the least, just knowing what processes to allow and which processes not to allow. btw, I’m getting ready to reformat/reinstal, is there any way to save the comodo network control rules to file. if not, is there any way to just copy & paste them to notepad? thx

Most of us don’t have a clue what those items on the Component Monitor list are, but they are not there to mean they are allowed or disallowed net access. This is a common misconception (it took me a while to get used to that). This just shows which components are allowed to be loaded with the programs that connected to the net. I’m sure someone else can expand on that. However, I also agree that there should be some label or documentation in the help file to clearly show which to allow or not. Hopefully v3 will be better in that regard.

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