Need Right Click COPY Item (in context menu) on ActiveConnections and EventsLog

Please, if it is possible.
I want quickly copy remote IP. I always mistype when type it manually.
It is not important copy remote IP only or copy all message details.


We second the motion, here!

Comodo gods, please make those, and all events logs, and all lists of paths\files quarantined, untrusted, trusted, blocked, sandboxed, whatever! to be mouse-selectable and copyable+paste-able into CIS entry slots and also external Windows apps like Word, Notepad, etc.

Also, please, the product version and Virus DBS version in the More>About COMODO … panel.

Basically, we ought to be able to select, copy, and paste every item/data that CIS displays for us. This would make it so much less time-consuming and error-prone, when we need to make an inquiry in the Forum.

Your consideration of this major, significant GUI improvement is respectfully requested.

HP Pavilion a1020n / Windows XP® Pro SP3 (x86)
Intel P4 519J 3.06 GHz / 2 GB DDR2 PC-4200
140 GB free on System partition
Firefox 3.6.12 / NoScript / M$ IE 8.0 (rarely used)
Comodo IS 2011 v5.0 / M$ Security Essentials v1.93.667.0

Third the motion!

GREAT IDEA, they had this (in the about section) but i don’t know why they stopped this feature?