Need opinion on this programs

My laptop is like a week old now and I have these programs installed:

Spyware Doctor 5.5
Comodo BOClean 4.25
Windows Defender
Nod 32 3.0

I’m using Windows Vista Home 32bit… I would like to hear about your opinions with those programs and what other security stuff can you recommend?
Whats a good root-kit scanner for vista?

I see a big problem. Why are you running 3 real time spyware scanners when NOD32 does it all. Spyware Doctor is bloated junk. Windows Defender is usuless. BOClean isnt a bad product. I use NOD32 3.0 along with Comodo 3.0. I use SuperAntiSpyware on demand once a week. I also use Sandboxie when I visit the dark side of the net. Dump Spyware Doctor and Windows Defender. Your sucking your system dry.

Well the reason I have Spyware Doctor is because my subscription is still running and I don’t want to put it to waste. Can you recommend any root kit scanners/removers for vista? I haven’t found any or maybe I don’t know where to look :-[

Which version of SuperAntiSpyware are you using? Free or Paid?

How can I remove Windows Defender?


  1. using nod32 and spyware doctor wont be a problem normally. so just keep it untill the subscription is ended then dump it :).

  2. you can’t really delete windows defender but you can stop it.

open windows defender → go to extra’s (I don’t know the real name in English :-[) → options → then scroll all the way down. There should be standing “Using windows defender” (or at least something like that :))
→ uncheck it → press save (it will give you a warning which is pure nonsens cause you want it :wink: and you must be admin to do it)

  1. a good rootkit remover should be icesword downloadable here

  2. if you want to use SAS just for on-demand it is sujested, well just idiot if you wouldn’t to use the free version ;D

  3. leave boclean and CFP 3 on your pc :P0l

Hope I answered all you questions


I downloaded icesword and it looks really confusing >< So like how would I know if it found any rootkits?

Well I was just wondering if the paid one was any good since theres like a free trial for it. You can say I’m an idiot when it comes to this kind of stuff hehe.

Gmer is also a bloody good rootkit scanner and can be a bit easier to get your head around.

It can be downloaded from

Ewen :slight_smile:

errr avast 4.8 FREE & BOClean FREE has antirootkit capability too.

@ The spammer ;D - uhuh :), but he already has an antivirus scanner and boclean. He just seeks a antirootkitscanner.

@ uhohkimee - There are lots of free rootkitscanners on the web, sophos has one, as well as most antivirus programs like NOD32 you have, it also scans for rootkits :slight_smile:
If you want another one try AVG which I think is always understandable

Hope I could help you

I’ll check those out… thanks!

I’m a she btw :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. yeah, i mean, it’s not like his comp’s infected ??? why worry so much? (can’t believe i said that :slight_smile: )
    my comp’s fine with CFP3,avast, and BOclean (i have CMF & Spyware blaster too)


NOT worrying, did you just say that ;D, like the paranoid is going to say to the normal user, don’t use so much programs, it’s not needed. :slight_smile:

:o Oeps (:NRD), sry (:WAV) hey there (:LGH)


(how is the new stuff doing?)

There is also a Beta of Avast! antirootkit tool that is based on gmer technology :slight_smile: You can find is here :

Greetz, Red.

Avast 4.8, BOClean, Spybot Search & Destroy and CFP 3 are great for me. i have three computers running that setup and 2 have been clean for about 7 months now.

yeah yeah 88) here comes lover squad. 88)
get in line! >:(

oh, i forgot again eehmm (:NRD)
do not forget that antivir 8, free or premium has antirootkit too. (:NRD)

but Avast also has Avast 5 coming out this summer which will be a MAJOR improvement to the already great 4.8 (:WIN)

I’ll try some of those programs out. I was wondering does security apps causes my online games to lag?

Do you have evidence for this?


LOL. Please ignore the salivating masses. They are, as Douglas Adams so wisely said, “Mostly harmless”.

Ewen :slight_smile:

You can find a comprehensive list of anti-rootkit tools here:

Here at the CIA they say im not allowed to say. ;D

But no, i do not have any proof besides it looking like in Avast 5 they will have heuristics which would mean better detection rates… :-TU