Need lil info on CIS 5 Beta

Ok so automatic sandbox takes care of unknown things and Automatic Submission finally put them automatically in the Trusted Files if found safe, m I right?? Good for Average Users.

Now the Install Part - The Unlimited Rights Popup.

I want to know that before giving this popup does CIS checks with the Cloud Whitelist, Cloud Signature and Cloud Behaviour. If it checks then how one would know that the check was successful. It may sometime not be able to check with the cloud due to some reasons and the users may not get the benefit of all these cloud services.

So I think in the Unlimited Rights Popup there should be a Tab like Analyse App Now i.e Manual Cloud Scan (It can give verdict like Safe - If found in Whitelist, Malicious / Suspicious - If found by Cloud Sign. / Behav. and Unknown - If not in Whitelist and Scanners didn’t found anything). I think this will be a good addition for Average Users. Is this possible?? Wot U Guyz say…???


Hi Naren.

You should post any feature requests in the dedicated thread in order to receive maximum exposure.


It would be nice to have local behavior analysis as well, so you’re not entirely dependent on Comodo servers to do the behavior checking.