Need Keyboard Shortcuts on Alerts

I see that this idea was floated around back in 2006 a bit, but as of yet, there are STILL no keyboard shortcuts like ZoneAlarm has (ALT+R to remember answer, ALT+A to allow access, ALT+D to deny access) on the alert dialogs. I’ve used ZA for over a decade, but it’s gotten pretty bloated and piggy in the last few years, and when my Internet went completely off like so many people last week after the MS Update for a DNS vulnerability, I dumped it altogether and went looking.

So far, Comodo FP works quite well – better than ZA every has for sure (and ever since they sold out, it’s been downhill). But, this lack of keyboard shortcuts on the alerts is a GLARING, NAGGING limitation. I’ve developed software for almost 25 years, and anyone in software UI design knows that the keyboard accessibility and shortcuts (accelerators) are a big piece of the QA of any UI.

Why has Comodo FP gone so long with this glaring limp? Power users use keyboard for everything… the mouse is almost a nuisance. So any software that’s short on keyboard shortcuts becomes, itself, a nuisance.

Please say you’re adding shortcuts in for the alerts. It’s such a small, so easy to add, but so useful…


You posted this in the wish list. 88)

Ah, yes, I did (:KWL)… Just spreading it around. It’s been in the Wish List for years, so thought I’d pump it up elsewhere to hopefully re-ignite interest… (?)