need I unstall old version CIS before install new? 5.0 color is great terrible!

I guess there’re two way to update.
1, just download with guide and then it will install, that’s easy.
2, I wanna know if I have old version CIS, need I uninstall first, and then install new?
or I just install new, and it’s ok.

CIS is very good software with powerful function, but some edition have very ugly skins.
No.1 I guess is the last CIS 5.0!
Besides, IMO CIS 5.0 skin is really terrible design, even worse than 4.1. Who made those kind of color, sorry I really don’t like it, take it as the worst skin in CIS history. I feel 4.1 is not bad after dumfounded by amazing 5.0 skin.
So maybe because some users complain about CIS skin, and this time, they just made the worst skin, so that we will never complain about any other skin in future! kidding~

Wish CIS have more improvements, thanks for your good jobs.

If you don’t like the color, then use one of these themes to change it.

IMO I would and did uninstall old version first, then rebooted and installed CIS5 with no problems. If you have a look around the forum you will notice uninstalling old version before any major upgrade is recommended by a lot of other people also. Kind regards to you

thank u for your good advice, I’m appreciate.

how to use theme in my free cis?

how to install it?

Please read here.

ok thank u

where i will get themes to download for latest free cis?

Link in the above quote.

how can i make cis with default theme after i change themme?

there is no option to change into default theme?

The one that says COMODO Style Black Normal is the default theme.