Need help

Hi. I’m using CF latest version. I was advised that for security it’s best to block these ports in firewall: 135-139, 445, 5000, 1900, 5300, 5800, 5900-5903, 3389, 8080, 1080, 500, 21 ftp, 23 telnet dos, 1243, 3128, 3410, 6776, 7000, 12345, 12348, 20034, 27374, 31337.
My question is: do I still need to manually add and block all these(or part of them) ports in CF global rules or they are already blocked by CF when I choose “proactive security” and press “Stealth Ports” options?
My info is: Windows 7 32 bit, Comodo Firewall with Avast free antivirus, Zemana antilogger free, don’t have router and local network, don’t require file and printer sharing, don’t use vpn service.

If you use Stealth Ports option to block incoming traffic you will be good. It will block all incoming traffic and that’s what you want when directly facing the web.