Need help

Running Windows 7 32 bit. and just installed Comodo firewall.
When I look at the summary statistics I see as many as 90-100 svchost.exe outbound connections to Just wondering what this is and if it is normal.
The number of connections does vary from 0 to over 100 at times.
Any info would be helpful.

First of all CIS does not refresh very often so it will show connections that are no longer active.

The traffic is for port 53 that is the port DNS requests. The IP address is probably the DNS server of your provider. See if you can find the DNS server addresses of your provider on their web site. What is your provider?

My provider is

Did a little search and found that the mentioned IP address is a DNS server from In short: perfectly normal traffic.

Thank you. I tried to search for it and came up with various results, some 3-4 years old.
Thanks again.

Me too! I have 536 outbound connections, and this number keeps growing, but 0 inbound connection. Most of them are TCP out and UDP out.

For what programs are the outbound connections? Can you post a screenshot of it?

At any time, about half of the outbound connections are from svchost.exe (UDP out) and the other from Avastsvc.exe (TCP out). Avast is the antivirus, but why svchost needs to go online so many times?

DNS lookups usually. DNS is using port 53.