need help

after installing certificate when i try to send it ,it prompts

comodo secure email has detected an encrypted email and underneath that i see that the certificate is not present.But i have already installed the certificate.Can somebody help me thanks…


Can you check that your certificate is listed in CSE.

Are you running Outlook Only Mode or Network Mode?

It may be that you need to reinstall your certificate.

Also, Right Click your Internet Explorer Icon and click “Properties” goto the “Content” tab and select Certificates and see if it’s listed there.


i have checked the path which you have mentioned ,the certificate which i was issued.Now what should i be doing?Thanks

How about posting some screen shots??

Can you confirm the certificate is listed there?

Are you using the Outlook Only mode or the Network Mode of CSE?

What settings do you have in Outlook? (Click on Tools >>> Options >>> and then the Security Tab).

And yes, as Curlin suggested, post some screenshots of your settings if possible.


here is the screenshot which you have asked and thanks for the help guys.

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You need to provide more info(all Eric’s questions) and maybe a screenshot of your first question here - what happens when you try to send email.

screen 1 comes when i just try to send it.And then when i click send from the comodo pop up then it prompts the screen 2 then screen 3

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That will help more now.

Comodo is not asking for your certificate but your recipitant’s certificate which it needs to encrypt the email to them.

However, i think CSE is still buggy as i have a safe-mail account (safe-mail certificate) that shows up in one area in the CSE settings but not in another area and when i try to send test emails with CSE to my safe-mail account, Comodo doesn’t see the certificate for some reason.

Wait for Eric to chime in with more.

You need to un-tick “Add Digital Signature to outgoing emails”.

i have un-tick the options but still it is prompting for the same thing.

Thanks for help guys.I have installed thunderbird in my personal laptop and it worked pretty simple.So first i installed the certificate and then sent an emai digitally signed to my work’s computer(outlook),so it had now exchanged the digital signatures ,But now when i had sent a msg encrypted from thunderbird to outlook now i get the following error.

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You need CSE to be in Network Mode in order for it to work with Thunderbird or any other Email program besides Outlook.

Run the original installer again, Click Next then select “Change Mode” and switch it to Network Mode. (You’ll be required to reboot your machine).