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Interesting case with which I have no experience as of yet.

First thing I notice is that the kids network is not properly defined. The subnet mask should be

What is the purpose of the IP in

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i get it from on form here in comodo but i do not remember now i can search for it but as long as it didn’t
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Seems a bit of a strange way to configure your switches/routers. If only one of your routers is connected to your ISP, then it should be the primary and handle DHCP for your network.

from the primary router take a feed to your secondary router and disable DHCP on the secondary. Perhaps give it a static address and add an exclusion to the primary.

You can add a switch to the primary and another switch to the secondary, then add your PCs to each switch. I don’t think you’ll need to piggyback the switches.

Take a route print from a PC on each router and post it here. if you don’t know how:

Start/run cmd.exe
route print > c:\route.txt

Find the file route.txt in the root of your c:\ drive, add it as an attachment. You might need to zip the file, some forums don’t allow plain txt filers. Don’t know about this one, never tried.

Here’s an idea see pic.

Get rid of the switch and add a second NIC to your PC.

On NIC 2 define a static IP and default Gateway on the Kids Network.

Also read this page you will need to make a static routing entry on your PC so that it knows to send traffic for the Kids network to the correct NIC.


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