Need help

Laptop freezin durin virus scan and defrags. Am runnin vista home B, usin avast anti virus. hv tryd windows malware tools, avast malware tool n avg, jus freez at half way, jus lyk anti virus scan. Also freezin if left on for a while (30 to 40 min). HELP

have you tried scanning in safe mode? :-La

yes hv tryed safe mode still freezin.

Are you running Vista x64 bit version ?
I cannot read it from your post, but do you have Comodo Internet Security installed also ?

vista x32 bit, no comodo int sec.

So it’s only freezing during Virusscan or Defrag not at other times ?

That would suggest a “disk I/O” issue, have you ran the Vista Administrative tool, Reliability and Performance Monitor ?

That monitors your CPU/Disk/Memory/Network maybe that can give a clue what is busy during “freezes”.

haven’t tryed the administrative tool, it also frezes during chkdsk when it is sheduled to run at start. it gets to about the 4th test and freez.

was trying the admin tool when i got this:

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Explorer.EXE
Application Version: 6.0.6000.16771
Application Timestamp: 4907deda
Fault Module Name: ShellvRTF.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 46d83e7c
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000057ab
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 18441
Additional Information 1: 8d13
Additional Information 2: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311
Additional Information 3: 8d13
Additional Information 4: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311

had to restart. any ideas wat to do next?

Hi K_60,

It is necessary to understands why the scan is freezing. But what I see from you posts is a mixture of issues.

I suggest you separate full scan from defragmentation first

1) It is not recommended to run full defragmentation and scan.
You may read some thoughts and suggestions here
2) If you are using real-time defragmentation situation please Disable that at least temporarily just in order to test full scan only
3) The suggestion by Ronny about Chkdsk. I hope that nothing is running in the background when you running that test. I mean really nothing. You have to stop all background processes -as many as it at is humanly possible in order to run that. Please read MS recommendation about that. Disconnect shutdown all security etc before running and scheduling Chkdsk and so on
If you indeed running pure disk surface i/o test as above and that causes freezing so you have disk issues and that has to be address first.
4) What other security software with real-time guards you are running?
5) Finally, have a look at this thread. Unfortunately tcarrbrion didn’t tell what OS he is using, but anyway try that DEP trick.;msg259542#new

My regards