need help

I installed the latest best version 3.8.16948.459 and its running the same as before but one thing it keep updating often, not daily but like this is the second pop-up stating and update in a week. Is this common? do I need to go ahead and do the update? any respond is helpful. stats are in my sig. I just found out it was tring to update to Version 3.5.57173.439. I just unchecked check for updates so I hope this is it

I tried the updater and got an error saying I was using an improper url. Did you by any chance import an old configuration or did you install the beta on top of a previous version?

Hello. 3.8 is a BETA version and will most likely have some bugs. Until the final release of 3.8 you can Use 3.5.

Please report in detail your bug here;

Can A mod please move this into the CIS BETA corner.