Need help?

Hey guys, I’m new here and all but I really really need some help. Well i’m gonna tell my story of what happend (if ya guys are wondering… im 14 just so you guys dont think im older). My friend and I was talking on the phone and stuff and he was like " hey sean wanna play this game with me? its called “RoBlox " I was like sure where can I downlaod it? he said " " I was like ok. So I looked at some videos on Youtube to see if there was anything wrong, then I looked it up on and it came up fine. So I downloaded it. But i keep seeing some weird unusual things like " Direct Keyboard Access” and one of them said " This file is usually used as a malware" So I flipped out on my friend and I hung up. Then I block every access possible and then go to the control panel to delete it when it says " An error occuried while starting RoBlox. Then it says " Click here for more details" it says " No such host is known" and it comes up on Firewall as suspicious attempts. Please help me guys I really would appreciate it! :SMLR

Someone please reply back! I need your help!

This probably should be moved to D+ Help.

I think it is an ok game (after searching some about it). If you remembered the alerts that came up, delete/remove them:

See this topic on how to remove them (but instead of clicking “Edit” on #4, click remove):;msg220242#msg220242

Then change the D+ mode to “Training Mode” (Right click on the CIS tray icon > hover over “Defense+ Security Level” > click “Training Mode”) and run your game. After playing it, close the game and put the D+ setting/mode back to where it was at first. The next time you run your game, it should work fine, without changing it to “Training Mode”!

Thanks for the help but i’m wondering on how to delete the game? It wont let me delete it at all for some odd reason.

Why do you want to delete the game?

I just don’t like how the game looks and i’m kinda worried why it wont uninstall.

I think someone in their forum would be better able to help you.