Two or three months ago I downloaded Comodo. One day while updating it I got disconnected from the net, as this happened I saw it begin to uninstall itself. Since then I thought it was gone, downloaded another firewall and moved on with my life. The only files or anything related I saw was a desktop icon in recycle bin and a boot.ini in programs not within a folder.

Today I go to update my firewall/antispyware and while it is totally off, with windows xp firewall off, my security center is showing Comodo firewall operating. I took the boot ini thing and deleted it, that did not work. I can NOT find any comodo firewall folder or file anywhere. I restored the desktop icon clicked on it, it searches for a file, says its missing and asks me if I want to delete the desktop icon.

My security center now is making it look like im running two firewalls (with xp firewall off) and I only have ONE firewall. Whats happened and how do I find and remove whatever Comodo firewall must be left. Unless boclean is causing this but when I shut off boclean I still have the same issues.

Please help-

Hi and welcome Drewcat,;msg46535#msg46535

PS: CFP uninstalled itself? ???


When my computer got disconnected from the internet during the update
Comodo uninstalled itself. I watched it say uninstalling (in box that came up) and whamo, the program was gone. But apparently it isnt gone if my secuirty center is “seeing” it while I have no other firewall operating.

Surprised me as much as it does you to see it do that.

You may want to try installing V3.14 found on the top of the V3 help page and see what happens. I uninstalled V3.13 prior to V3.14 after a series of problems and had the same issue and used the directions below.

If you want to get your Windows Security back to normal without re-installing, see here…;msg103575


The first instructions worked fine.

Thanks JAPO!