Need help with updating

Everytime I try to update Comodo firewall V3 it normally downloads the files from automatic updates and after that during the installation process it always says ‘‘failed to copy cpf.exe(something like that)’’ and Comodo immediately closes. When I try to reopen Comodo firewall it says: ‘‘Error while loading resources from c:/Program Files/COMODO/Firewall/Cfp.dll. Aborting application’’ and I am forced to do a reinstall. How can I resolve this problem, so, next time the updates install without any problems.


I had this problem also. I just set up a new laptop w/Vista Home Premium and the virus update would not work. I followed this advice from another poster and it worked for me:

"I did this solution and I was able to update the virus definition too.

Go to Control Panel → Admin tools → Services

Search for “COMODO Internet Security Helper Service” and edit properties.
In Start Sesion change the “Local System” option to your loggin account.
Apply → Accept → Restart your system.
Thats All…

I was tryng with different options:
With Local System option: I wasn’t able to update the virus definition.
With Local Service Account: Error Code 0x800705aa - insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.
With my Loggin Account: Success, I was able to update.

I don’t know why the Local System option doesn’t update and the Loggin Account does."

This link will lead you to a large thread on this topic. I have read that this is a known issue and will be fixed with the next version release.

Good luck.

Always make sure no other programs are running while updating.