Need help with this issue

I’m not sure if this is in anyway connected with the CAVS update yesterday or not, but I’m going to ask for help.

Ever since yesterday after CAVS update (had to restart machine after update) the HIPS is picking up a zero byte file with part of the user name in upper case with no extension under “Documents & Settings” directory. I’m not sure if this was there before; it is only now that I’ve noticed because of HIPS after the update. I deleted the file but something is creating it again. I don’t really know if I’m infected but nothing is being picked up. The only indication is HIPS prompt to allow or block. I have blocked it and I don’t notice any change in behavior on my machine.

Where and how do I start troubleshooting? Is this something I should be really concerned with?

Hi snyder

Sorry, I don’t have an answer/idea for you… I’m just here to move your topic to the CAVS BETA Corner section, I think it will get better exposure there.

I’m not sure what caused the file to show up multiple time (tried to submit but since it was a zero byte file it wouldn’t go thro’). I have deleted and done some cleaning up registry entries using Spybot Search & Destroy. The file hasn’t reappeared ever since, and hope it won’t. ???

Hi Snyder,

I don’t know if this will help, but maybe you could let CAVS run a full system scan. You could also run an online virusscan. Just to be sure your system isn’t infected.