Need help with these please, thanks

Edit : 1, 2, & 3 → Solved, thank you ;D

Hi everyone ,

I’m new to Comodo, and I’m not actually a forum guy "it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to post ;D, and this might be quite long so please bear with me, thank you.

I’ve been using CIS for a few days now and I want to say that I’m quite impressed , it’s free , easy to use , resources friendly , flexible … etc it really earned my trust , so “and from the heart” thank you very much and keep up the good work, wish you all the best :a0 .

now if you will allow me, a few questions (not about D+ only) “and maybe some notes as well”.

1- for CAV “don’t scan files larger than 40 MB” , I need to know and understand more about that “such as why 40mb? , can’t i.e a 150mb file get infected ?.. etc”

2- I restore my system from a clean back up "CIS is not installed, so I will have to reinstall Comodo every time I restore my system , which is :
i) - No big deal really because it takes just a couple of minutes and the configuration export and import feature.
ii) - gives me the chance to install the latest version of CIS “when there’s one available” a clean installation.

but what about the database update?
i) - can I just backup my (bases.cav) “do I have to back up other files with it?”
ii) - or do I have to download the new version of bases.cav “or update CIS” everytime I reinstall comodo ?
iii) - will there be a feature to do so automatically in future releases of CIS “just like with the configuration?”

3- I’m using CIS 5.5 and I can’t run Photoshop CS3, D+ warns me every single time I open it

4- firewall goes from “custom policy” to “safe mode”, and I have to set it back to custom policy, why is that?

Edit : running network setup wizard enables windows firewall when applying file sharing, will I be needing to disable it “I did”, how to prevent that ?!

5- I use both firefox 3 & Comodo Dragon 14 , so
i) - is there a way to include an automatic logins and password protection with CIS, because I use a third party software for that and it would be nice to get rid of it and just use CIS for all.
ii) - how do I integrate Internet download manager “IDM” with Comodo Dragon ?

6- the name “comodo agent” gives me the creaps (I think it is not suitable for an Anti-malware product), and I guess no one really likes any kind of agents on their PCs :smiley:

7- Where can I download Comodo Internet Security 4.1.150349 , I found some sites claim they have it but it’s actually V5.3.something
anyway I can’t find it anywhere and I would love to have it for no obvious reasons , it drives me crazy ???

thank you guys very much and have a good day “all of you” :slight_smile:

1- this number is set by the developers. they probably set this by the most common file sizes they see in malware.

2- yes you can save the bases.cav and replace it in safe mode so you dont have to redownload it evertime

3- have you tried adding the main exe from photoshop to trusted files under defense+?

4- i have never heard of this behavior. does it randomly change? or after certain actions?

5- this sounds more suited for dragon not cis. you can add it to the dragon wishlist here
as for IDM i dont know of a way to integrate them

6- comodo agent? where do you see this at?

7- here is cis 4.1, the installer should have both 32 and 64 bit versions

Thank you !, that’s a relief.

and yes I added the main exe to trusted , didn’t work :-\

well this happens sometimes after unblocking all traffic, and sometimes after a reboot, its totally random but those are the most cases.

Ok I’ll add it there :), EDIT : BTW Dragon has a complete auto form fill thing, you know, but I want it with CIS so that it can be available in all browsers, that was my point.

I find a cmdagent.exe in the task manager

I tried that one from filehippo, filehorse, brothersoft, … etc , it’s actually V5.3 I guess, but I’ll try again, thank you :slight_smile:

For Photoshop, give all needed exe the trusted file status and the main exe the installer/updater status. If your problem persists, in Defense+ > Defense+ Settings > Sandbox Settings, enable :

  • Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the sandbox
  • Automatically trust files from trusted installers

WOW :o, you nailed it, I wasn’t checking [Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the sandbox] that solved it, thank you a lot!, you made my day Boris 3 :smiley:

Edit : it works fine now but the alert shows up every time I run PS and I have to choose treat this programs as trusted , is there a way to fix this , thanks

which alert are you talking about? screenshot would help

Did you give PS the Installer or Updater profile?

Ooops! :stuck_out_tongue: , how did I miss that? :-TU

thank you very much ;D

6- i would like to know where you see “comodo agent”

He already answered that above.

i guess i missed it