Need help with removing a weird folder

Last few days I didn’t have this folder, but this morning I found a weird folder I’d never seen before and has a ton of other folders within it, and I was wondering if anybody knows what it is and how to remove it. Because when I try to manually remove it, it gives me a error message stating: Cannot remove eula.etf, which is is a word document in every single folder within the one in the C-Drive.

Here’s some screen-shots to make it a bit easier to help me out:

1 :
2 :
3 :

Perhaps this issue is not a big deal, or whatever, but it came out of the bloom and I have no idea what it is. Also there’s one other thing I’d appreciate some help with is the removal of the Zone Labs (Zone Alarm) folder which is in my program files. There is “no” contents inside the folder but it will NOT let me remove it. I get a message saying Cannot delete Zone Alarm : Access is Denied.

I’m very confused and would appreciate help on both issues :wink:



Hi this probably is a virus folder, so you might want to check out this guide : What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3

or you can simply use unlocker and and see what process is blocking the deletion:

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it might be from a game or some antivirus program. I have those kinda folders when i play online games.