Need help with opening ports and more (HOW TO?)

I use Pogoplug and we think CIS keeps it a bit to tight. I need to set some ports and urls but I have no idea how and where? So I need some advice and step by step pointing in the right direction.

Please add the following as exceptions to any firewall or anti-virus software:

  • ppfs.exe
  • ppsync.exe
  • dokanmnt.exe
  • ppserver.exe

The Pogoplug software uses the following urls and ports: port 80 inbound and outbound port 443 inbound and outbound UDP port 4365 inbound and outbound
Port 3333 for UDP traffic

Does this mean that Comodo has no clue how to do this? :o

Hi Eljo,

I’m not an ‘expert’ with regards to the firewall settings, but have you looked at the following for Defining a new trusted application:-

And here is the section for setting the Ports:-

Hope these maybe of some help :slight_smile:


You could also take insight from the rules to be made for files sharing applications (Enabling File Sharing Applications like BitTorrent and Emule,Comodo Firewall| Internet Security v5.9/5.10) and adapt them to the requirements of your private cloud.

My God I don’t understand and know how to adapt this. Thats why I asked for detailed help.