need help with my webcam, it might be a firewall issue


i have a facebook account.
a logitech quickcam communicate STX.
windows 32bit
dell dimension 2400 desktop pc
windows xp sp3.
comodo 4.0(newest version)

at first i was able to use my webcam on to record video messeges straight from my webcam.
now i cant.

i tried using firefox, nothing happens, not even error messages.

i tried opera 10.50, the flash thing to allow will pop-up, but it wont let me choose allow to let my webcam work on facebook video.

same with internet explorer 8.0

some how i think its a firewall , flash plug-in and browser issue all rolled into one.

i just dont know, some sites like myspace and recording from my webcam works just fine.
but not on

does any one have any ideas ?.

i’m just using the firewall.

i complained to firefox and facebook, no replies, i’m clueless.

i want to thank to all those who reply.

Try disabling Comodo and then see if the webcam works correctly. If it does then the problem is probably related to Comodo.

Also, did you receive a sandbox popup for the webcam. If a part of the program is sandboxed there could be strange consequences.

ok , i tried to disable it, like you said, nothing in sandbox, still did not work on facebook