Need help with my firewall settings (My port 0 is showing closed on GRC)

Hopefully this is the right place for this thread. I just installed the internet security and it works fantastic. The only area i am worried about is the shields up test. It showed my port 0 being closed. I would like it to be stealth as well. Is there any way to change this? I have a brand new windows 7 desktop HP Pavilion with an ethernet connection. I am not on a router. Could someone please help me? I had zone alarm and switched because i heard this is much better protection…but zone alarm did pass all tests when it was first installed.

I just checked it and it shows all stealth now. ;D This is a great product. I am using the block all incoming connections. Should i leave it at this setting?

Hi mrgadl_73, welcome to the forums.

Which setting would that be?

Ah… OK, I figured it out. I think you’re talking about the Stealth Port Wizard.

That’s fine, the Stealth Ports Wizard is a process rather than a setting, it changes your rules to match what you asked for. In this case, block all incoming connections. This is fine, but it does depend on what you use the Internet for. If you’re a gamer or use applications (like P2P) that require an open listening port, then it may cause problems.