Need Help with Lexmark Z730 and Comodo Firewall


I am new to Comodo Internet Security as well as to this forum.

Moderators, please move this post, if it seems appropriate, to the proper place if the chances of my questions being answered goes up in that particular place. -Thanks a bunch.

I have been reading on this forum a lot of helpful tips on how to solve the issue of the printer being blocked by Comodo Internet Security, and in particular it’s either Defense+, and / or Firewall, but none of the solutions I have read seems to be helping me. Same solution(s) that I have read on the forum is the same solution that I was given by the geek buddy technician.

Here is the solution that I tried:

I tried to add the ALL of the printer related software to the “trusted files” under the “Defense+” tab of the Comodo Internet Security.

In particular, I added the printer files from the “Win32” file folder, and “Program Files” folder to the “trusted files”.

I have a printer called: Lexmark Z730.

It is connected to computer via USB port. There is NO router in between the printer and the printer.

The operating system I am using Microsoft Windows Vista home premium, and yes it is a 64 bit version.

If somebody had / has a printer from Lexmark 730 series, and knows how to fix this, please post and let me know as to what “exact” files were added to the “trusted files”, and please do tell if the solution worked or not even after adding printer software files to the “trusted files”.

thanks in advance.

can you post a screenshot of your firewall settings and rules

Currently, I have removed / uninstalled the Comodo Internet Security from that particular computer, which has the printer connected and printer software installed properly, for the purpose of printer’s software to work properly.

Can you write a complete guide with step by step as to how to get my printer working in full condition, and not get hung up after printing one document if I reinstall the Comodo Internet Security software.

I don’t know what I wrote / typed above is a question or sentence, but what I am trying to say is that could you please write a complete step by step as to what parts of the Lexmark Z730 series software needs to be in the “trusted files” under the “Defense+” tab in the Comodo Internet Security software.

My English kind of stinks, so I hope you are able to understand.

I had a problem with a customer’s pc with Lexmark printer on Windows XP. I tried all the tricks in the book but the problem would not go. Only uninstalling CIS solved the printing issue. Looks like there may be a driver issue going on.