Need Help with IP address(proxy)?

I just recently updated my Comodo Firewall to v3.0.18.309 and shortly after I noticed my IP address has changed when I go to websites. Is this automatic with the new version? or is it Comodo changing my IP address? I am really worried about it because I cant find anything about Proxy or IP address on my Comodo. I need to find out why my IP address changed and what changed it. Anybody’s help will be greatly appreciated.

What kind of internet connection do you have? Are you using a router? Is this your LAN address? Where is your DHCP server? CFP3 is not a proxy and doesn’t change your IP address.

i have road runner and no router. my new IP address is saying im from somewhere around Oklahoma which i live nowhere near. Could this be road runner doing this or another program on my computer. I have just recently updated Spybot Search and Destroy with Teatimer would the be changing my IP?

Sounds like something RoadRunner did. You have a WAN (internet) address then on your computer? Does everything seem to be working OK? What does “whois” say about the IP? Location may just be the HQ address. You can probably call RR and find out more. Your IP addresses on the internet come from a block allocated to RR, but may not always show their name.

thanks for the info, how do I do the whois? When i go to and do a speedtest its giving me the wrong location thats all I know. Ive had the same IP address for years now and all of a sudden it changes. A little worried. Just wondering why its changed. Everything is working fine. What is WAN? I know that LAN(local area network). And what do you mean by a block allocated to RR? thanks

Whois at is a site belonging to the organization that controls domain names in the US. You can plug in your IP address there, and it will tell you what company controls it-should be Roadrunner Cable. Don’t know where Speedtest gets their location information. WAN (Wide Area Network) just means you have an actual internet address on your computer, not one given out locally by a router. Not one that looks like 192.168.xx.yy or 10.something. An ISP has a block of IP addresses assigned to it, and passes them out to their customers via their DHCP servers. Sometimes they change for various reasons, like shorter routes, but there is no particular problem because of it. Just something they track vs cable addresses in their system. :slight_smile: